3 Nov

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October Update from Rainbow Pack

7 Oct

So much has been happening that we haven’t been able to keep up with the blog posts. But we are working on that. In case you are new to the Rainbow Pack Blog, Rainbow Pack is run mainly by kids who are 8-13 years old. So they are all in school right now. Most of our crew is on a field trip this week too – so I am filling in with an update. ( I’m Riley’s mom)
Since announcing our HUGE goal of 4,000 Rainbow Packs we have received lots of good news and support.
We found out that our founder Riley received an YSA/ABC Summer Of Service Grant for $1,000 so Rainbow Pack can start out this years collection in a great way.
For the first time ever, we are a giving partner to an amazing new company called Sydeny Paige. For every backpack they sell, they give one to a student in need. We are one of the organizations that they have partnered with to give to. We are so grateful!
We started a new program that encourages kids at other schools to hold pencil collection drives to help us get the 24,000 pencils we need for the 4,000 Rainbow Packs. We have already had one pencil drive and we just started to the program!!! We are so excited that other kids are excited and want to get involved with Rainbow Pack.
If you, your kids or your company want to hold a pencil drive just email Riley at and she will send you the info. It’s super easy, we even design the flyer for you.
We are going to post our official count of what we need and by when very soon. We are waiting to hear about one more grant that Riley applied for ( fingers crossed ).

But in general terms – A Rainbow Pack costs $10 ( backpack and all supplies ). We need 4000. We received $1,000 from YSA/ABC. We need $39,000 by mid April so that we can tell all 4,000 kids not to worry, they will have a Rainbow Pack the first day of school.

As always, feel free to donate by clicking the link above. Send any and all ideas you have that might help us reach our goal. Like us on Facebook, it’s the best way to get the most recent news.


Insert drum roll sound here….

19 Sep


We are very excited to share our new goal with everyone.

Drum roll goes here………Before the first day of school 2014 Rainbow Pack hopes to deliver 4,000 Rainbow Packs to kids in need so that they can start the school year out ready to learn.


We will once again focus our efforts on LAUSD schools in Pacoima and North Hollywood. We will help Haddon Ave. Elementary for the 4th year, Strathern Street Elementary for the 2nd year and the two new school will be announced as soon as we have confirmation. We are very excited to have the help and support of LAUSD Board member Ratliff  and her staff who among other things, are helping us to identify the schools where our efforts will have the most impact.

We have many other new things planned and an exciting partner that we are bursting at the seems to be able to tell you about! As soon as we have more of the detail worked our we will share all of the exciting news with you.

But more than anything, we are grateful for the ongoing encouragement and support of all our family,friends and community.

Woo Hoo 4,000 Rainbow Packs in 2014 !!!

Your Gift Keeps on Giving

20 Aug

Hi everyone! One of our fantastic members of Rainbow Pack, Bella Briggs told us about a wonderful organization that she has been volunteering at since she was 4 called Five Acres Therapeutic School. This organization provides everything from living space and school services to counseling for children that are in between in the foster care system. Because of your generosity we still had some  backpacks even after giving them to all the students at Haddon Ave. and Strathern St. , so we decided to donate 50+ backpacks to this wonderful organization. We delivered the backpacks today and it truly was rewarding to here about what this organization does. 


Strathern Street Elementary School

16 Aug

Strathern Street Elementary School

On Tuesday Aug. 13th it was the first day of school for the kids at Strathern Street and Rainbow Pack was there bright and early to join them. We made sure that all the kids at Strathern started the school year out ready to learn and do their homework. Every student at Strathern, including the special education classes and the transitional Kinder. kids got a backpack filled with the supplies they need. To see more photos from this amazing day please check out our facebook page.


Backpack Give Away at Haddon 2013

4 Aug

Backpack Give Away at Haddon 2013

Yesterday was an amazing day for Rainbow Pack! We finally got to the best part of what we do, giving the Rainbow Packs to the kids.
Haddon Ave. Elementaty also put on an amazing event for the families at Haddon. They had snacks and arts and crafts for the kids so the parents could attend events in the auditorium and learn how to support their children in school and about the other services available to them in the community.
We also had a chance to talk to the new LAUSD Board member for the area, Monica Ratliff. Rainbow Pack was very excited to talk to her and share some of their ideas for next year. It will be great go get her help and support!

The only part of the day that wasn’t so fun was that we had to turn a way a few families who came to ask for backpacks. They didn’t have kids who went to Haddon or Strathern. Since we work with a pretty accurate count of the number of kids at each school we knew that we didn’t have any to spare right now. We didn’t want to run out. It was a very tough and heartbreaking thing to do. BUT since we do have a few weeks before school starts, we asked them to leave there information so that we can work on getting them some backpacks before the first day of school.

So, along with making sure that we have a Rainbow Pack for every child at Strathern Ave. On the first day of school we would like to get some extra backpacks to help these families if we can.

As always we can’t thank for your ongoing support.
If your company, friends or family would like to help us reach our goal for this year. Please click the donate link on the website and make a donation.
Thank you!


One Truck Full

2 Aug

One Truck Full

Tomorrow is the big give away day at Haddon Ave. Elementary School!!!!
This morning we loaded up all 1000 Rainbow Packs in a Uhaul to get all set up. We can’t wait.

We are still getting the Rainbow Packs together for Strathern so we are ready for the August 13th distribution. But, are still short $615. We can take donations of supplies, but online donations via paypal are greatly appreciated. We can make them go really far by ordering directly from a local distributor who has been helping us. Thanks again for all the amazing support.